Look Feel Be

look good. feel great. be the difference

"LFB is a complete experience. We built the showroom to captivate guests and transport them to a time when service was the norm."

Visualise a 1940s Paris hideaway in Maylands Perth featuring all things glamorous;   fashion from across the globe, quality jewellery with a hint of art deco love, accessories, natural mineral make up and services.

We collaborate with like minded fashion and jewellery designers in addition to designing our own fashion forward collections to deliver a quality experience.

Since 2011 LOOK FEEL BE or LFB has loved working with customers (or LFB'ers as we prefer) to understand what is wanted by the 'real woman' and think of you along with the environment and fair trade when sourcing. We are advocates for all women feeling equal and as such care for 'all' shapes and sizes with love, fun and respect. We don't believe in perfection.

While every attempt is made to source eco friendly products it continues to be a challenge thus not everything is always so. What is offered are quality pieces that are best practice, fair trade, terrific fabrics with low impact such as bamboo, silk, hemp, organic cottons to name a few and reputable partners who like us, give back. 

Another passion is the Art Deco period thus the reason our little store feels like you are in an intimate showroom in a street in Paris, 1940. 

At LFB we show what suits your body shape and help establish your personal style with sustainability top of mind.

We have personal styling services that support you being your best and an incredibly talented team who are a little crazy, lead by our Chief Stylist, Vanessa Foynes or Le'V (as we call her) … who together care about the way you feel and offer much more than a short term experience.

Come visit us when in Perth, our little place is in the inner suburb of Maylands or shop online. We can help you more personally over the telephone ... just call 08 9471 9086 or email us if it's late at night (we won't answer after 5) ... fun@lookfeelbe.com.au or private message us on facebook, we are quick to respond there!

We fancy ourselves as very small gang of fashion friendly sorts and look forward to including you ...

We stand for ...

looking good. feeling great and being the difference


With a smile 

Team LFB x

PS: The above pictures are of our first collection designed in 2012


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