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Women's Clothes shop Perth, Australia

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LFB Women's Clothes shop in Perth is a clothing Boutique for women of all sizes. The staff is knowledgeable about the different styles and fabrics, so you can feel confident in any purchase. You can also enjoy customer service that doesn't pressure you into anything that you don't want or need.

Look Feel be is Perth's go-to fashion destination. They offer the widest range of clothing available in the area, with each style carefully chosen to complement your individual personality. Whether you need winter wear, summer wear, or just something every day, they have it all! Look feel be also offers a delivery service if you're not able to make it in-store. Their online store ensures that you can get anything at any time! Look Feel Be is located at 190 Whatley Crescent, Maylands 6051, Perth Western Australia. They are open Monday through to Sunday check out our opening times here.


Different styles of women's clothing

Everyone has their own style, and it's a personal decision of what a woman wants to wear. For many, it's a way to express themselves and feel confident in their appearance. However, women come in all shapes and sizes, as do their wardrobe requirements. That is why LFB Women's Clothes shop offers a wide range of clothes for any body type. Two of the main styles look feel be stock is Bohemian (also known as Boho) and vintage/retro style


Bohemian style dresses

As many people know, the bohemian style dress is a classic piece of clothing. It can be worn casually or for an elegant evening out. The bohemian style has been trending for a long time and usually features flowing fabric in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. Although it was originally a garment that was worn in the 1970s, the bohemian style is still going strong in 2022. Find boho dresses at our online store here.


Vintage retro style clothing

The popular, high fashion style of vintage retro clothing is not just reserved for recent trends. The style can be found throughout decades, with the most notable being the 1940s. With its dainty femininity, vintage retro clothing can be used to create a look that balances between old and new. It's easy to find vintage-style clothing at Look feel be clothes shop in Perth that offers a wide range of vintage styles and sizes. You can shop for dresses at our online store here.


Retro Jewellery

Retro jewellery is the latest trend in the fashion industry. This type of jewellery features modernised pieces that are often used to replace older, vintage, or discontinued styles. Pieces are often handcrafted with intricate designs that are reminiscent of the past. Not only do retro pieces have a beautiful appearance but they also have sentimental value for many people.

you can find our jewellery here


LFB Women's Clothes shop is a family-owned business that provides a wide variety of different styles of women's clothing. We have a range of products available, including dresses, jewellery, hats, scarves, and shoes There is something for everyone at LFB Women's Clothes, from mother-of-the-bride outfits to.




Look Feel Be

190 Whatley Crescent

Maylands 6051


Western Australia



Hours of Operation:

Monday 10am–4pm

Tuesday 10am–4pm

Wednesday 10am–4pm

Thursday 10am–5pm

Friday 10am–5pm

Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday 11am–3pm

Someone say Santa on a sleigh in 2 weeks!

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The last time we blogged there were 5 weeks to go until the jolly fellow found his way into our homes. With only 2 weeks to go I feel like a child writing to you with news of a Merry Maylands, Friday night trading on the 18th of December with greyhounds coming dressed up as reindeers (really!) outside of Maine from 5pm into the evening with lots of energy in the hood. Most are staying open! There will be giveaways, raffles (raising money for charity), food, fun (including face painting) and fashion. OH and Santa! To stay connected with the festivies jump on the dedicated facebook page.

In addition we have fashion to get you jazzed up into the mood ...

A big merry shout out to a stunning LFB'er, Robyn who agreed to model for us this month in new Christmas dresses. We just love this shot captured at Chapels on Whatley (they too will be open on our late trading night). 

How much do we love the lace bolero's just in? Perfect for those nights out when you want a little coverage yet not too much heat. They are available in different colours (red, white, black and magenta) ...

Now, LFB'ers; "wish lists" ... do let us know if you are in the merry market for new jewellery to mark the year. Santa's of various varieties, have been quietly popping in for gift certificates and secret jewellery items, so do tell us elves if you have any particular wants and needs. 

We have a large collection of quality, fine pieces in store to suit all budgets. We are particularly fond of these earrings ... and while we have most pieces online there are LOTS more in store. 

If you missed our last blog with updates on Christmas gift options, here's the link and consider these too ...

  • Vani-T make up kits (save $50) 
  • Signature Candle gift bags with a Free Soap for $20 
  • Silk scarfs at $10 (perfect for the token pressie)

We are open 7 days right through to Christmas and are happy to help over the telephone 08 9471 9086 if you can't make it in or need us to stay open longer, just yell sweetly. 

Merry Christmas 

With a smile and lots of love ...

Caroline, Vanessa, Stephanie & Mel - Team LFB xxx

PS: The ring above is in store and has a matching necklace. Tell Santa! 

PPS: If you would like to have your make up done or hair styled over the holiday season, do make your bookings now. We will be open New Years Eve for styling services! Bookings essential.


This time in 5 weeks ... "Christmas Eve!"

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This year I will be wishing Santa brings peace. It seems such a big wish at the moment with so much happening in the world. No matter what your views are, where you stand on the thing we have come to refer to as terrorism, one word pins hope; peace.

I am no expert however I do believe the showing of love at a time when hope, peace and happiness are at far reach for so so many can be as simple as sitting next to someone in need and being present. Keeping an open mind and listening more than saying. This is our little mantra. 

The world is filled with many judgements. Lately, I have used the term, "No words!" ...  

So as a business person going about my everyday tasks I consider what it is that keeps us a float in this time of massive change. And while we know fab products, excellent add on services (if we do say so) helps, it is 'people' and a true love for connection and care. So with this in mind, Team LFB have selected some gift choices that will demonstrate your desire to appreciate your loved ones.

No, we have not gone into the business of food (albeit it has crossed our minds) ... Have you ever thought to place a delicious Fine Jewellery Ring on a festive plate for your loved one to find (not eat!) or wanted to give a gift that she can keep, marking the year that was? Here's a few low fat options;


There are rings in store and online from $89 all the way up and fine Jewellery to suit every taste and personality style ...

If you like to give the 'Gift of an Experience' our Gift Cards come with a Secret Santa bonus of a Complimentary Make Up Session (valued at $89)  ... 

AND (yes, there is more!) when you spend over $200 on a Gift Card for a lucky loved one they will receive an extra SSB (Secret Santa Bonus not a beverage ;)) of the Make Up Session AND a Hair Styling Session! That's an extra experience thrown in with a value of $178 (You're welcome - smiling!) not to mention the additional fun.

Candles, they represent calm for me. And this year as always we have our Signature Candles in the uplifting scent all LFB'ers love and our limited edition Christmas fragrance; both large sizes now $30

Sometime ago we introduced Vani-T Cosmetics to our Collection. This Australian made, natural mineral make up is terrific for all skin types (including my teenager skin at 42) and wears so well, it needs no touching up during the day. Ok, your lippy will, however that's from smiling at everyone in your pretty dress.

Remember to book in for your festive make over (as stunning Charlotte did) before heading out to your Christmas parties. Hair Styling $89. Make Up $89. Bookings essential on 9471 9086 ... 


If you love a little hit of Colour for Christmas, here are two kits to set you off into a festive spin ...

Bronzer with Highlighter included, Lip Glaze in a fab colour and a quality Contouring Brush (we will show you how to use it!) Valued at $130. Now available for $80 (save $48) 

AND or (I know we are cheeky) for the LFB'er who loves eye makeup and dressing up, here is the go to, Bat the Eyes (Marilyn Monroe style) gift ...

Eyeshadows x2 (in complimentary colours) with Eyelashes to boot and a quality Brush (Valued at $116). Now available for $65 (save $51) 

As we wrap up this message (do like a pun) remember we would love to help your loved one select something special to mark the year that has been while giving joy and hope to the new one ahead. If you have a secret wish of your own that LFB can help deliver, know we will treasure the business. 

Thank you for another wonderful calendar year filled with new and old friends, LFB'ers. Let peace be with you and your families as we head into the festivities of late November, December and beyond. 

We have our Team LFB Christmas party this coming Saturday (if you see us out, we apologise up front!) so anyone visiting me this Sunday (oh note; we are now opening at 10 through to 5 on Sundays up until Christmas) please be extra cheery!

With a Mrs Claus like smile and a love of the above ...


Caroline, Vanessa, Stephanie & Mel - Team LFB x

PS: Thank you to Nash & Co Maylands for letting us eat I mean shoot in their fab new place. Welcome to the hood. 

PPS: Just in case you missed our last blog here's a link as there is so much to consider for Christmas gift giving when shopping local here in Maylands. 


Meet Maylands ... with fresh eyes

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Spring has well and truly sprung and so much newness has begun!

New stores on the Whatley strip, new menus, cocktails, dresses, flowers oh flowers. They personify Spring, don't they?

Sosi is getting ready for all the births, with hopes of a baby boom and Henry on 8th is waiting to fill it's room. A new bar ... start the car (with a skipper)


Greta from This Fine Day (a milliner, did you know?) has blisters on her fingers making hats while our very own Steph has her heel flat; sewing bespoke gowns at LFB

It's all a buzz ...

So where is our shopping community? 

I am here to get you excited all over again!

So why visit ...

Meet Linda who is Ma Kettles Gardenelia (located next door to LFB, us).

Ma Kettle is bursting with carefully curated cactus's, weird plants I've never seen before in vertical gardens ready for you to take the credit and fresh flowers among home wares and other fab finds. Pop by and say hi to this new business owner who is open Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 3. 

Tried the Organic Butcher? Meet the crew who have a farm in Manjimup that bring ethically produced meats to our Maylands. Open 7 days. I have the immediate urge for a BBQ after visiting. Oh and that sauce is definitely whoop a## for the packaging alone.

Who's ever noticed the happy crew at the Flight Centre? My lifelong dream trip to Paris would not have been the same without their help. Internet smiginet ... I needed face to face old school advice and high vis so it seems!


Keep walking up 8th Avenue and you will pass lots of quality fashion options (all with something different), an A1 kebab shop (may have tried it with good reason) a gun shop (mmhhmm), a terrific chemist, a super shoe shop for the kids owned by this guru of the foot ... Kath. A podiatrist.

OH and have you ever looked in the optometrist? No pun intended. Well ok, it was! They have stunning brands. On this tour you must meet Lammys. They wouldn't come to the door for a pic (shy) ...

Efficient, inexpensive, quality clothing alterations that are precise. Do yourself a favor and set the sat nav to their driveway (almost opposite Milk'd where you can stop in for the most consistent bacon stack in the hood). Oh Milk'd is open 7 days and for our career women among the LFB community, Lammys is open Saturday mornings until 1pm and until 6 during the week. We love Lammys and bacon and the art at Milk'd ,,,

Stop for a mo and check out the refreshed Vinnies. Now lead by LFB'er, Julie ... It is making an attempt to groove itself up a bit. Donations welcomed!

Skip back down to Whatley Crescent ...  The little bit of Melbourne in Maylands ...

With premium cafes on offer it is always hard to go past a coffee at Smoults!

Followed by a starter at Mrs S (who now has a gold plate), a main meal at Chapels on Whatley with wine (if you must) and tea (to keep in balance) ...

And then dessert at Sherbets followed by a cocktail at Swallow Bar and don't forget to leave room for some more food there too. PSST; What are you doing for Melbourne Cup? Join us at Swallow Bar!

When we asked Swallow Bar owners Meredith and Zoe why they picked Maylands to build their now awarded business, the answer resonated with many of the owners; "a love for the strong sense of history and personality.  The warmth of the locals and other business owners and the sense that Whatley Cres was like a High Street or a small town center." 

Can you visualize a relatively empty Whatley Crescent strip in 2011 (not that long ago) and a group of frightened yet excited start up, crazy entrepreneurs all doing fits outs? Fast forward and from one end to the other (to name a few) we have a highly regarded Hairdresser, a Wanderlust design gift studio ...

And so much more oh even a new cafe coming soon. Nash and Co. Be sure to give them a go ... All of this before you even head over to the other side of the railway tracks for more quality fashion and food. 

Share Maylands with your style savvy mates ... we'd love the shop local support heading into Spring Summer and CHRISTMAS (yes, I am shouting, CHRISTMAS it's not that far away).

Look forward to seeing you in the hood ...

With a smile ...


Caroline with Vanessa, Stephanie and Mel with our peers in Maysie ...

Team LFB x

#shoplocal #maylands #community #Perth


Watch out for us on WA Weekender 29 August ... on Channel 7

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So for 5 minutes we all got a taste of what being a TV presenter is like. Some got nervous, some put on the strong suit and another may have put on her sexy voice. We will let you be the judge of who was who!

On a Friday morning before 10, well in fact 8am all of us were fresh and fabulous to face up to a rather large camera in our space, lighting, a fluffy thing for sound and Le'V on the coffee, a few of them ...

Of course seasoned host, Hayley rallies up perfectly poised and ready for action. "Girls, you will be fine!" Fine, alright ... Take 10

Let's hide backstage ... I say ... (forgetting I am microphone'd up and can run but they can still hear me!)

Oh and then there was ... LFB'er, Charmaine who joined us for the morning. A little bit of Paris in Perth ... (Au s'il vice plait)

Here's some more sneaky peek pics of behind the scenes;


That's enough, we don't want to give away too much about the segment ... rather we'd love you to watch it and share it with your like minded friends. We want to meet more women who would enjoy what we do. 

Would you like to host a private girls night at Look Feel Be? You and your friends could enjoy an experience as Hayley and Charmaine did. What is involved, we hear you say. Get a group of your faves together (up to 10 positive women) and book a date. We can do morning tea's or afternoon tea's (with a little more in the tea cup) or an after hours evening time to suit you and the theme you wish to set. Team LFB will do the rest. 

We will share our knowledge freely to style you, highlighting bodyshape tips and techniques in dressing to maximise your personal image. We will do your make up, hair with a vintage flair. It is a lot of fun. Ask us for more information. As the host you gain a $70 credit to use in store as a thank you. Call to book your date 08 9471 9086 or email us at fun@lookfeelbe.com.au

So many new garments and stunning jewellery pieces are landing daily ... as the season starts to change, not to mention our Racing Hat Collection due shortly! There is plenty to party about when you book your girly night with us. 

Oh and as I research my upcoming trip to Europe (my first ever at the end of this week) keep an eye on our Facebook for my outfits along the way and Instagram for sights.

Big smiles from me and even bigger ones from Le'V as she gets to party harder with Team LFB. 

I will be away when the show goes to air (sound so profess). Leave us a comment with feedback when you see it, be kind! 

Au revoir ...

Caroline x

PS: Big shout out of love, respect and appreciation for my colleagues xxx


Spring is getting closer & a hint of it is here

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August tends to be almost an annoying speed bump for me (Caroline here typing) ... as I chant for my favourite time of the year, Spring. While it is not wise to wish time away, there is definitely an excitement brewing as I know it's near. 

At this time of the year the fashion industry leads us to shake off winter woolies (I might add that my fingers ache from the cold as I type, so we acknowledge there is 'still' a need!) and freshen up your white legs to get set for summer.  

To inspire you towards Spring, Stephanie has been busy designing a new capsule collection that you can dress up and down. Here's a look ...

I had to beg her to model the collection, yet I think you will agree she looks stunning. All of the WA made garments are in store now and online. And the sizing we are proud to say is perfect. Buy with ease online if you are reading from afar.

When selecting the sheer deco fabric on the left I have to admit we may have both rolled ourselves up in it. It is so luxurious! 

When I asked Steph on her first day back from leave (she was a tad happy as captured in this image) how she felt seeing the collection come to fruition she said; "It is very exciting and a nervous time to see a range you've created come to life. It is awesome to be able to share what has been in my head yet it's scary as I hope others will like it as much as we do!" "I know the styles are flattering and I do hope our LFB'ers love the fit, the fabrics and the combos."

To pair back with the collection of limited edition dresses we have new jewels ... here's just a hint of them;


OH and make up, it's that time of the year to refresh, SO we are offering everyone that leaves us a comment on our blog (fab feedback please) a COMPLIMENTARY mini Make up session (valued at $69) in August - during the week (does not include weekends). Bookings essential as places are limited. Call 9471 9086 ... 

Are you free on Tuesday the 18th from 6.00pm? We need some noses on the job to help us select 3 scents from 6 for something we will be launching closer to Christmas. If you have a nose that knows a winning formulation, please join us at LFB HQ.

Finally, at this time when all business large and especially small are feeling a pinch, we thank you for your continued love of us weeeee women in business doing our best to make a difference in an everyday way. 

Oh and do keep an eye on our website as new garments are being placed on it almost daily.

With a smile ... 


Caroline & Team LFB x


May, hurray it's our day!

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Happy Mother's Day, LFB'ers!

"It's all changed now...I have to actually 'Mother'!" Mother's Day.

Of course I'm excited. There's presents, there's appreciation....another whole day of appreciation and who doesn't want to feel appreciated?! And then there's the presents.... From the age of nineteen, Mother's Day was always tinged with sadness for me. Filled with loss and even sometimes a little resentment. Having lost my own Mother, whom I was extremely close to after nursing her through cancer at such a young age, the celebration kinda turned a little sour and I found myself increasingly resenting this 'day of commercialism'... There were, of course deeper things at play here, I knew that, but it was a good excuse to massage my feeling of loss and loneliness I was still harbouring.

And then came Sassy ...

My little crazy girl who I'm sure most of you are familiar with from past blogs and my very public displays of affection... (She's already got her own hashtag #saskimo and shops at SoSi in Maylands!) Saskia Coco has absolutely filled my Motherless void. It's a fact....but I'm not quite sure I've got the Mummy thing down pat yet...

One hot, summer's day I hauled myself into work, five minutes late, my make-,up melting off, hauling behind me a massive hand-bag of 'who-knows-what', knowing I needed a to loose the maternity bra and invest in new, post-baby under-garments, hoist the 'girls' back up to prime possie to pull off the frock I was rocking. Did I mention I'm a Stylist?! And in I swept like a cyclone. "Hi! How's that little Sassy?" CJ chirped, completely disregarding my misdemeanours. With a heartfelt sigh... "Oh, it's all changed! Now I have to ACTUALLY Mother!" I exclaimed.

And on this particular afternoon, I felt like I deserved a medal. CJ's peal of laughter (which is a decibel unto itself) is still ringing in my ears! And it's been this way for the last few months. One step in front, 2 steps behind. Working Mum, Late for play dates, planning play dates which coincide with naps, and paying the consequences...dearly! Trying to survive in a jumble of nappies and red lippy! Rushing, planning, rushing, sighing.....dressing my kid in skinny jeans for baby gym, hence hampering her flexibility (even though she looks super-stylish) And so it goes....

Me with one of our dear LFB'ers who this year become a Mum. We are very proud of Sarah and the Mum she is to her baby son and 4 legged daughter ...

Don't get me wrong, I love it (as does Sarah pictured above), I'm just still trying to master it! So here are my thoughts on Mother's Day;

  • It's HARD being a Mum. It's hard being everything to a tiny being who relies on you COMPLETELY!
  • It's hard finding time to wash, let alone curl your hair! I have mastered make-up application with very little mirror time, however!
  • Without my group of ladies spread far and wide, the LFB Community particularly, I'm sure I could not have got this far!

So on my first Mothers Day I would like to say THANK YOU to you all for your advice, laughter, sympathy and empathy. For your stories and sometimes glazed looks (so I can cut it short and get back to reality).

Whether you have children, nieces, nephews, 'fur babies' ... its a day to reflect, give love and receive love ...

We at LFB like to support each other in humour, silly anecdotes and dress-ups! Oh, and champagne, of course with a hint of Vinatgeous style! Back to the lippy and bad underwear... We thought it would be fitting and fun to get together two new Mums (I'm in it), their babies and a dog for a Mothers Day shoot. How hot does Sarah McKeig look above with baby dog, Gidget? 

This calls for a celebration, we thought! What's that thing they say? "Don't ever work with babies or animals..!" Well, we did and here is the glamorous evidence above and watch out on our social media pages over the month ...

Yet, it is not all about us we want you to play too! 

How, we hear you ask? Follow this link to find out more (or scroll down) and see how you could win prizes in the month of May, Mothers Day Festival. #mothersdayLFBstyle

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

And to those, who like me have lost their Mum, let's sincerely celebrate the woman she created in you and me.

With a smile ...

Le'V & Team LFB xxx


PS: This is a little note from CJ just to say how very proud I am to have Le'V and Sarah (thank you Sarah for dressing up with us) along with all the other Mums in the LFB community in my life and the world of LFB. Thank you for the lessons you give me while I can still hand back your kids! And to the Mums like me who have dogs, cats or a menagerie, play to in our celebration. x


PPS: This blog was written by Vanessa Foynes not CJ as our silly system suggests #ITDEPTcouldnotfixFIRECJ  


Final PPPS: Enter here ...

Host a girls night at our place ...

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We have doubled the credit value to $140 for any LFB'ers who book a private girls night in March and April 2015!

What does a private night at LFB look like, we hear you say ...


To book in email us at 


or telephone 9471 9086, it is a great night if we do say so ourselves! 


And for parties held in March and April there is a $140 credit for the host (had to say it again to believe it ourselves).

Look forward to playing dress ups ...

With a smile 

Caroline, Stephanie, Vanessa and Melissa - Team LFB x


What's Your Vintage?

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Vintage, retro, fifties, sixties, seventies and (gasp) eighties!

We're all drawn to an era, through music, fashion and sometimes food - yes, the seventies chick in me (Le'V here writing) owns and displays proudly an orange fondue set. For some, it may be a dirty little secret (I've seen a lot of closets in my styling time), yet there is a timeless, feminine quality direct from the past, that continues to stand the test of time (disclaimer: the eighties - I'm just saying).

Style trends of bygone eras call to us like an annoying 5am bird-song. For example, I can't go past some Farah Fawcett flicks circa 1977. Steph loves a good Victory roll. And CJ would sleep in her Audrey-style frocks and tap shoes given the opportunity, while Mel has been coveting french-style, garden party frocks with keen mutterings about a 'smoky-eye'.

And with that in mind we (at LFB) are here to encourage you to embrace that fun, feminine part of you that deep down would rather sashay and swing on the dance floor with Danny Zuko of Grease fame or sway cosmically at Woodstock in a cloud of suede fringing and patchouli.

Enter Stephanie:


Since gracing us with her Vintageous presence, I'm not going to lie, we've all been motivated to up-the-vintage-anti. Seriously, Mel and I have both dusted off our straighteners and curling irons. I may or may not have taken to donning my (one) sixties style head-scarf....(bad hair days and the poverty- line/dark roots called for it). And CJ? Well we all know CJ isn't one to shy away from a new 'do' or two!


Combining the Vintage Hair and Make-up services and our super-feminine frocks and figure-forgiving fashion we are encouraging you all to throw fashionable caution to the wind, have some fun and glam up! Even if it's a scarf in your hair with your jeans and tee. It's seriously easy (ask Steph how).


Which begs the question: 'What's Your Vintage'? Like a fine wine or cheese (our other favourite things) you get to choose so let the games begin!

Next week we are set uncover some surprises at our Scarves, Sweaters and Sexy secrets event on Feb 25, 6-8pm. Have you RSVP'd yet by calling 9471 9086 or by following the prompts on facebook?

And in March and April we are giving you an opportunity to get your Vintage on when we kick off our 'Vintageous Me' Hair, Make-up and Vintage Style Workshops! Spots are limited so keep your eyes peeled to Facebook for registration and check back here (follow links) to get in first.

Until then,enjoy our crazy markdowns in Feb and stay Fab!

With a smile ...

Le'V, Stephanie, Melissa and the CeeJ - Team LFB x

PS: We look forward to sharing with you tips from this book on the night too ...

PPS: There are a LOT of new styles, just in ... for the vintage personality, the bohomian, the classic and cotemporary amongst us. Pop in, we would love to see you!

PPPS: This was written by Vanessa Foynes ... the website just wants CJ to get the credit as per below (smiling, silly system ... CJ here, I will take it ;) x

It is Christmas Time

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It is almost Christmas and usually we at LFB HQ are nervous and almost as highly strung as the ribbon on our Christmas Candle! Not this year. There is no doubt we have been nicer than we have naughty so ... as we relax into the season of festivities we are excited about the dresses, the gift giving that has already begun and the fragrance that fills our little showroom.

So what is on offer this Christmas at LFB ...

First things first, do you and your friends fancy a chance of winning a Look Feel Be Christmas Certificate for $400, $200 or $150?

Santa wants to deliver 3 LFB Christmas Certificates to 3 lucky LFB'ers on Christmas Eve.

So how can you get on the sleigh to play?

Visit Look Feel Be or shop online before the 23rd of December and make a purchase ($30 and over) ... share your purchase on social media with the hashtag ... #LFBChristmas to go into the draw.

Winners are announced Christmas Eve on social media and by text (be sure to make sure your mobile number is on your style file). Good luck! Share this email with your friends ... they too might like a chance to win.

Plus ...

In our traditional style (and after some LFB'er demand) we made our exclusive LFB secret recipe, Christmas Candle again. It is $30 for a BIG jar of love. Remember too, it is made right here in Western Australia by local workers all trying hard to keep manufacturing alive in our divine country, let alone state. It is a perfect gift that gives. 

To add to the collection of gift choices we also have ...

Our LFB Signature fragrance soap (a perfect pressie for the school teacher of Zachary, the beauty therapist, yes ... you need to look after the lady that does your facials and perhaps the neighbour who brings in your bins when you are at work - thanks Joe). It is $5. and again made right here in WA. Filled with essential oils.

Our LFB Signature Christmas Festive Bag that in it has our baby sized LFB Signature Candle, the Soap, the matching Room Spray (all with no chemicals in them) and at $40 you will save $9, all while helping local businesses. 


There are lots of other things we have in the LFB at home collection, like our own Chic Chocolate (yes, you read that right). It is a super stocking filler at $3.50 ... 

We have had a stella reaction to the collection of stunning dresses that have come and gone over the Spring and as we enter Summer ... the party season, we are delighted by the enthusiasm of LFB'ers to secure just the right Christmas and New Years dresses. So with a drum roll in your ears as you read this. Here is a sneak peek at our own collection due in stores tomorrow ...


This limited edition collection see's a collaboration of design, fabric choices and fun between our very own Stephanie (our model above - bless) and I. We hope you love it. 

Did you know we now have Vani-T Make Up in store? We have always offered make up artist services along with our newly introduced vintage hairstyling however now we have world class mineral make up to work on you with and to maintain your cosmetic collection. Read more about the product online

The packaging is eco minded and so old school glamorous that it too makes a terrific gift.  Check out the summer must have;,bronzer with a highlighter ($50) for example ...

Oh and do feel welcome to book in for a make up or vintage hair session when you next have a big night out over the summer. The sessions are $89 each and you will definitely feel transformed as you head out. 


As always we have a stunning collection of jewellery in our Art Deco signature style through to contemporary designs to tempt the Santa spirit ... All featuring precious and semi precious gemstones, in silver or gold to last a lifetime. Here's a few we wanted to highlight; 



So in closing you might be wondering what our holiday hours are going to be. We will be open 7 days through to Christmas and taking a break over the New Years period (yay!) and reopening on the 2nd of January 2015. There's that date, '2015'.


From all us here at Look Feel Be we would like to thank you for being a big part of our little business and take this opportunity to wish you, your families and loved ones a very safe and happy Christmas celebration.

We would love to see you before Christmas and welcome you any time. On Saturday the 20th of December we will be having a day of festivities in store and while I'd like to tell you more, we will keep you in suspense.

All the very best for 2015 (by the LFB way, we think everyone needs this dress for New Years Eve) ...



With a festive smile ...


Caroline, Vanessa, Stephanie and Melissa - Team LFB x 


PS: Winners of our competition were announced on social media. Please click here



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