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look good. feel great. be the difference

look good. feel great. be pampered is often our difference ...

At Look Feel Be we love spoiling LFB'ers and offer make up artist services, vintage hair styling and style coaching.

We co-create with you a style file that links to your personal goals and lifestyle. Personalised, quality and compassionate advice is given to you in an intimate setting where we share our own vulnerabilities with a want to have you feel you can share yours in confidence with qualified, committed and like minded professionals.

Our in house Make up Artist services are available by appointment. Check out our menu to select an option to meet your needs or call us for advice on 08 9471 9086 

With a sense of humor mixed among our fine brushes you will feel relaxed and in good hands ... Book now;

At LFB we choose to use Vani-T Make Up ...

Since Vani-T's conception in 2004, they are, like us dedicated to creating innovative high demand products that have a real point of difference in image, delivery of results, quality and purity, enriched with natural and organic ingredients and stunning recyclable packaging - we call this Eco-Glamour! 

All of Vani-T's products:
  • Are rich in natural and organic ingredients
  • Contain NO mineral oils or paraffin
  • Contain NO parabens
  • Contain NO sulphates
  • Contain NO talc, bismuth oxychloride
  • Contain NO petrochemicals DEA, TEA
  • Contain NO artificial colours*
  • DO NOT participate in animal testing
  • Are high in vitamins, active ingredients, luscious natural oils and pure botanicals

Style Coaching ... 

An LFB style coach is as much focused about what is going on the outside to maximise your look as they are what's effecting you on the inside.

Stylists typically focus on the visual impression (which is great - let's admit, how we look is important) yet Style Coaching at Look Feel Be also addresses internal speak that only you hear.

Confidence impacts on how we shop or buy, how we walk, talk and engage with others trying to help you and the outcome of a day out shopping is often determined by how we feel. A LFB Style Coach will support good wardrobe planning and provide non emotional or biased assistance both within the LFB environment and beyond.

As women our personal style choices and bodies are constantly changing due to hormones, stress, diet, pregnancy, career changes and circumstances. We appreciate this and have experienced it ourselves. With empathy, training and experience in hand and heart all LFB Style Coaches are committed to creating a trust based relationship with you.

We have a selection of Style Coaching services available and welcome you to discuss any questions comfortably without obligation.

Some of the walk away benefits are ... (only some are listed as many are so personal, no two sessions will deliver the same outcome as no two LFB'ers are the same!)

  • becoming more present to what to wear and to avoid
  • what is your style personality
  • what is best for your body shape
  • a fresh eyes look at yourself and your current wardrobe 
  • a long term plan for your look and feel
  • how to wear what you have (remember we love recycling!) in different ways
  • an outlet for speaking openly about your body image concerns


Visit our facebook page to read the recommendations from others who have experienced LFB.

With a smile

Team LFB xx

PS: You could get a taste of styling fun by having a party at our place...


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