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Women's Clothes shop Perth, Australia

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LFB Women's Clothes shop in Perth is a clothing Boutique for women of all sizes. The staff is knowledgeable about the different styles and fabrics, so you can feel confident in any purchase. You can also enjoy customer service that doesn't pressure you into anything that you don't want or need.

Look Feel be is Perth's go-to fashion destination. They offer the widest range of clothing available in the area, with each style carefully chosen to complement your individual personality. Whether you need winter wear, summer wear, or just something every day, they have it all! Look feel be also offers a delivery service if you're not able to make it in-store. Their online store ensures that you can get anything at any time! Look Feel Be is located at 190 Whatley Crescent, Maylands 6051, Perth Western Australia. They are open Monday through to Sunday check out our opening times here.


Different styles of women's clothing

Everyone has their own style, and it's a personal decision of what a woman wants to wear. For many, it's a way to express themselves and feel confident in their appearance. However, women come in all shapes and sizes, as do their wardrobe requirements. That is why LFB Women's Clothes shop offers a wide range of clothes for any body type. Two of the main styles look feel be stock is Bohemian (also known as Boho) and vintage/retro style


Bohemian style dresses

As many people know, the bohemian style dress is a classic piece of clothing. It can be worn casually or for an elegant evening out. The bohemian style has been trending for a long time and usually features flowing fabric in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. Although it was originally a garment that was worn in the 1970s, the bohemian style is still going strong in 2022. Find boho dresses at our online store here.


Vintage retro style clothing

The popular, high fashion style of vintage retro clothing is not just reserved for recent trends. The style can be found throughout decades, with the most notable being the 1940s. With its dainty femininity, vintage retro clothing can be used to create a look that balances between old and new. It's easy to find vintage-style clothing at Look feel be clothes shop in Perth that offers a wide range of vintage styles and sizes. You can shop for dresses at our online store here.


Retro Jewellery

Retro jewellery is the latest trend in the fashion industry. This type of jewellery features modernised pieces that are often used to replace older, vintage, or discontinued styles. Pieces are often handcrafted with intricate designs that are reminiscent of the past. Not only do retro pieces have a beautiful appearance but they also have sentimental value for many people.

you can find our jewellery here


LFB Women's Clothes shop is a family-owned business that provides a wide variety of different styles of women's clothing. We have a range of products available, including dresses, jewellery, hats, scarves, and shoes There is something for everyone at LFB Women's Clothes, from mother-of-the-bride outfits to.




Look Feel Be

190 Whatley Crescent

Maylands 6051


Western Australia



Hours of Operation:

Monday 10am–4pm

Tuesday 10am–4pm

Wednesday 10am–4pm

Thursday 10am–5pm

Friday 10am–5pm

Saturday 10am–5pm

Sunday 11am–3pm

This time in 5 weeks ... "Christmas Eve!"

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This year I will be wishing Santa brings peace. It seems such a big wish at the moment with so much happening in the world. No matter what your views are, where you stand on the thing we have come to refer to as terrorism, one word pins hope; peace.

I am no expert however I do believe the showing of love at a time when hope, peace and happiness are at far reach for so so many can be as simple as sitting next to someone in need and being present. Keeping an open mind and listening more than saying. This is our little mantra. 

The world is filled with many judgements. Lately, I have used the term, "No words!" ...  

So as a business person going about my everyday tasks I consider what it is that keeps us a float in this time of massive change. And while we know fab products, excellent add on services (if we do say so) helps, it is 'people' and a true love for connection and care. So with this in mind, Team LFB have selected some gift choices that will demonstrate your desire to appreciate your loved ones.

No, we have not gone into the business of food (albeit it has crossed our minds) ... Have you ever thought to place a delicious Fine Jewellery Ring on a festive plate for your loved one to find (not eat!) or wanted to give a gift that she can keep, marking the year that was? Here's a few low fat options;


There are rings in store and online from $89 all the way up and fine Jewellery to suit every taste and personality style ...

If you like to give the 'Gift of an Experience' our Gift Cards come with a Secret Santa bonus of a Complimentary Make Up Session (valued at $89)  ... 

AND (yes, there is more!) when you spend over $200 on a Gift Card for a lucky loved one they will receive an extra SSB (Secret Santa Bonus not a beverage ;)) of the Make Up Session AND a Hair Styling Session! That's an extra experience thrown in with a value of $178 (You're welcome - smiling!) not to mention the additional fun.

Candles, they represent calm for me. And this year as always we have our Signature Candles in the uplifting scent all LFB'ers love and our limited edition Christmas fragrance; both large sizes now $30

Sometime ago we introduced Vani-T Cosmetics to our Collection. This Australian made, natural mineral make up is terrific for all skin types (including my teenager skin at 42) and wears so well, it needs no touching up during the day. Ok, your lippy will, however that's from smiling at everyone in your pretty dress.

Remember to book in for your festive make over (as stunning Charlotte did) before heading out to your Christmas parties. Hair Styling $89. Make Up $89. Bookings essential on 9471 9086 ... 


If you love a little hit of Colour for Christmas, here are two kits to set you off into a festive spin ...

Bronzer with Highlighter included, Lip Glaze in a fab colour and a quality Contouring Brush (we will show you how to use it!) Valued at $130. Now available for $80 (save $48) 

AND or (I know we are cheeky) for the LFB'er who loves eye makeup and dressing up, here is the go to, Bat the Eyes (Marilyn Monroe style) gift ...

Eyeshadows x2 (in complimentary colours) with Eyelashes to boot and a quality Brush (Valued at $116). Now available for $65 (save $51) 

As we wrap up this message (do like a pun) remember we would love to help your loved one select something special to mark the year that has been while giving joy and hope to the new one ahead. If you have a secret wish of your own that LFB can help deliver, know we will treasure the business. 

Thank you for another wonderful calendar year filled with new and old friends, LFB'ers. Let peace be with you and your families as we head into the festivities of late November, December and beyond. 

We have our Team LFB Christmas party this coming Saturday (if you see us out, we apologise up front!) so anyone visiting me this Sunday (oh note; we are now opening at 10 through to 5 on Sundays up until Christmas) please be extra cheery!

With a Mrs Claus like smile and a love of the above ...


Caroline, Vanessa, Stephanie & Mel - Team LFB x

PS: Thank you to Nash & Co Maylands for letting us eat I mean shoot in their fab new place. Welcome to the hood. 

PPS: Just in case you missed our last blog here's a link as there is so much to consider for Christmas gift giving when shopping local here in Maylands. 



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