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Meet Maylands ... with fresh eyes

Published on October 07, 2015 in Category : Business Lifestyle Maylands Shop local Shopping 0 comments. Add a reply...

Spring has well and truly sprung and so much newness has begun!

New stores on the Whatley strip, new menus, cocktails, dresses, flowers oh flowers. They personify Spring, don't they?

Sosi is getting ready for all the births, with hopes of a baby boom and Henry on 8th is waiting to fill it's room. A new bar ... start the car (with a skipper)


Greta from This Fine Day (a milliner, did you know?) has blisters on her fingers making hats while our very own Steph has her heel flat; sewing bespoke gowns at LFB

It's all a buzz ...

So where is our shopping community? 

I am here to get you excited all over again!

So why visit ...

Meet Linda who is Ma Kettles Gardenelia (located next door to LFB, us).

Ma Kettle is bursting with carefully curated cactus's, weird plants I've never seen before in vertical gardens ready for you to take the credit and fresh flowers among home wares and other fab finds. Pop by and say hi to this new business owner who is open Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 3. 

Tried the Organic Butcher? Meet the crew who have a farm in Manjimup that bring ethically produced meats to our Maylands. Open 7 days. I have the immediate urge for a BBQ after visiting. Oh and that sauce is definitely whoop a## for the packaging alone.

Who's ever noticed the happy crew at the Flight Centre? My lifelong dream trip to Paris would not have been the same without their help. Internet smiginet ... I needed face to face old school advice and high vis so it seems!


Keep walking up 8th Avenue and you will pass lots of quality fashion options (all with something different), an A1 kebab shop (may have tried it with good reason) a gun shop (mmhhmm), a terrific chemist, a super shoe shop for the kids owned by this guru of the foot ... Kath. A podiatrist.

OH and have you ever looked in the optometrist? No pun intended. Well ok, it was! They have stunning brands. On this tour you must meet Lammys. They wouldn't come to the door for a pic (shy) ...

Efficient, inexpensive, quality clothing alterations that are precise. Do yourself a favor and set the sat nav to their driveway (almost opposite Milk'd where you can stop in for the most consistent bacon stack in the hood). Oh Milk'd is open 7 days and for our career women among the LFB community, Lammys is open Saturday mornings until 1pm and until 6 during the week. We love Lammys and bacon and the art at Milk'd ,,,

Stop for a mo and check out the refreshed Vinnies. Now lead by LFB'er, Julie ... It is making an attempt to groove itself up a bit. Donations welcomed!

Skip back down to Whatley Crescent ...  The little bit of Melbourne in Maylands ...

With premium cafes on offer it is always hard to go past a coffee at Smoults!

Followed by a starter at Mrs S (who now has a gold plate), a main meal at Chapels on Whatley with wine (if you must) and tea (to keep in balance) ...

And then dessert at Sherbets followed by a cocktail at Swallow Bar and don't forget to leave room for some more food there too. PSST; What are you doing for Melbourne Cup? Join us at Swallow Bar!

When we asked Swallow Bar owners Meredith and Zoe why they picked Maylands to build their now awarded business, the answer resonated with many of the owners; "a love for the strong sense of history and personality.  The warmth of the locals and other business owners and the sense that Whatley Cres was like a High Street or a small town center." 

Can you visualize a relatively empty Whatley Crescent strip in 2011 (not that long ago) and a group of frightened yet excited start up, crazy entrepreneurs all doing fits outs? Fast forward and from one end to the other (to name a few) we have a highly regarded Hairdresser, a Wanderlust design gift studio ...

And so much more oh even a new cafe coming soon. Nash and Co. Be sure to give them a go ... All of this before you even head over to the other side of the railway tracks for more quality fashion and food. 

Share Maylands with your style savvy mates ... we'd love the shop local support heading into Spring Summer and CHRISTMAS (yes, I am shouting, CHRISTMAS it's not that far away).

Look forward to seeing you in the hood ...

With a smile ...


Caroline with Vanessa, Stephanie and Mel with our peers in Maysie ...

Team LFB x

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