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Meet Maylands ... with fresh eyes

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Spring has well and truly sprung and so much newness has begun!

New stores on the Whatley strip, new menus, cocktails, dresses, flowers oh flowers. They personify Spring, don't they?

Sosi is getting ready for all the births, with hopes of a baby boom and Henry on 8th is waiting to fill it's room. A new bar ... start the car (with a skipper)


Greta from This Fine Day (a milliner, did you know?) has blisters on her fingers making hats while our very own Steph has her heel flat; sewing bespoke gowns at LFB

It's all a buzz ...

So where is our shopping community? 

I am here to get you excited all over again!

So why visit ...

Meet Linda who is Ma Kettles Gardenelia (located next door to LFB, us).

Ma Kettle is bursting with carefully curated cactus's, weird plants I've never seen before in vertical gardens ready for you to take the credit and fresh flowers among home wares and other fab finds. Pop by and say hi to this new business owner who is open Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 3. 

Tried the Organic Butcher? Meet the crew who have a farm in Manjimup that bring ethically produced meats to our Maylands. Open 7 days. I have the immediate urge for a BBQ after visiting. Oh and that sauce is definitely whoop a## for the packaging alone.

Who's ever noticed the happy crew at the Flight Centre? My lifelong dream trip to Paris would not have been the same without their help. Internet smiginet ... I needed face to face old school advice and high vis so it seems!


Keep walking up 8th Avenue and you will pass lots of quality fashion options (all with something different), an A1 kebab shop (may have tried it with good reason) a gun shop (mmhhmm), a terrific chemist, a super shoe shop for the kids owned by this guru of the foot ... Kath. A podiatrist.

OH and have you ever looked in the optometrist? No pun intended. Well ok, it was! They have stunning brands. On this tour you must meet Lammys. They wouldn't come to the door for a pic (shy) ...

Efficient, inexpensive, quality clothing alterations that are precise. Do yourself a favor and set the sat nav to their driveway (almost opposite Milk'd where you can stop in for the most consistent bacon stack in the hood). Oh Milk'd is open 7 days and for our career women among the LFB community, Lammys is open Saturday mornings until 1pm and until 6 during the week. We love Lammys and bacon and the art at Milk'd ,,,

Stop for a mo and check out the refreshed Vinnies. Now lead by LFB'er, Julie ... It is making an attempt to groove itself up a bit. Donations welcomed!

Skip back down to Whatley Crescent ...  The little bit of Melbourne in Maylands ...

With premium cafes on offer it is always hard to go past a coffee at Smoults!

Followed by a starter at Mrs S (who now has a gold plate), a main meal at Chapels on Whatley with wine (if you must) and tea (to keep in balance) ...

And then dessert at Sherbets followed by a cocktail at Swallow Bar and don't forget to leave room for some more food there too. PSST; What are you doing for Melbourne Cup? Join us at Swallow Bar!

When we asked Swallow Bar owners Meredith and Zoe why they picked Maylands to build their now awarded business, the answer resonated with many of the owners; "a love for the strong sense of history and personality.  The warmth of the locals and other business owners and the sense that Whatley Cres was like a High Street or a small town center." 

Can you visualize a relatively empty Whatley Crescent strip in 2011 (not that long ago) and a group of frightened yet excited start up, crazy entrepreneurs all doing fits outs? Fast forward and from one end to the other (to name a few) we have a highly regarded Hairdresser, a Wanderlust design gift studio ...

And so much more oh even a new cafe coming soon. Nash and Co. Be sure to give them a go ... All of this before you even head over to the other side of the railway tracks for more quality fashion and food. 

Share Maylands with your style savvy mates ... we'd love the shop local support heading into Spring Summer and CHRISTMAS (yes, I am shouting, CHRISTMAS it's not that far away).

Look forward to seeing you in the hood ...

With a smile ...


Caroline with Vanessa, Stephanie and Mel with our peers in Maysie ...

Team LFB x

#shoplocal #maylands #community #Perth


Melbourne Cup LFB - Swallow Bar - Style

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Last week the nation stopped to watch a race, the prestigious Melbourne Cup.

In our case Team LFB and 51 fellow LFB'ers listened to it at the awarded Swallow Bar (a few doors down in Maylands).


Awarded; yes, in the past 4 weeks the Swallow Bar have won Small Bar of the Year 2014 as acknowledged by the industry body and then the Australian Hotel Awards Best Bar Menu (well, we can vouch for that!) 


Big congratulations to owners Meredith and Zoe!

Back to our day, it started early with make up and vintage hair sessions in store and as it got closer to 11am Whatley Crescent was filled with women in vintage inspired outfits, hats, fascinators, heels and smiles a plenty. The media even stopped by to see what all the fuss was about. 


Everyone was out for a great day with like minded company.


With the DJ playing, the tap dancers welcoming guests to their tables and gift bags to open, the energy was high.


The food was amazing (as always) and with best dressed prizes, sweep stakes and some impromptu shoe shuffling from mwhah (CJ), the afternoon flew by.


Amongst all the fun we did manage to raise $620 for our friends at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and Zoe said we will do it all again next year. Pop it in your diary now. 


Much love to our friends at Swallow Bar for partnering with us, Team LFB (including Paul - Hubby to CJ) and to those that joined us on the day.


With a smile


CJ, Le’V, Stephanie and Melissa – Team LFB x

PS: If you have pictures from the event, please feel free to post them to our facebook page. We'd love to see them x 

A winter escape in the name of fashion ...

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What a month July has been. Business has been tough and so has life. Not just for me, for many. Most people will tell you all is well however I've come to learn there is little value in that ...

So as I type this months blog on a return flight home from Bali I hear the Captain apologise for; "no white wine, no something else, limited drinks in general, no headsets however our IPads remain available for hire and we wish you a happy flight."

Normally I'd do that dry, slightly down turned smile then consider suitable solutions; like red wine will be fine.

Today, I am just grateful to have shared 4 days with my husband, Paul on a work trip and slowed down enough to just be. I find myself taking a mo to think of the many who can't be with their loved ones, the wars and the terribly, dreadful incidents happening around the world.

You see 6 weeks ago Paul like many in his field, lost his job and we've been laying low.

Due to bespoke orders and our LFB summer collection needing testing or sampling as they say in the industry, I was called to come and hang with our production crew and get the show on the road. So with some sweet talking I convince Paul to join me. Easy. Not so. It was Sunday; we fly Tuesday night; we discover his passport is out of date. Ahhhh. Can you believe the Australian Passport office turned his new one around in 3 hours!? Top marks.

Then he gets called in for a lengthy business meeting - an interview. Monday. Done. New project, sorted. Starts this Monday!

And then our dogs. They needed baby sitting. New dog besties, Meredith and Zoe (from Swallow Bar fame)  head over for a long dinner at ours and an induction with Samantha and Stanley Schnauzer. While showing them around we found the cellar!!! Fast track to next day...

Wow, the new Bali International Airport. Amazing! Super transformation ...

I set myself the challenge to find accommodation that was fab yet very affordable. $55 a night with breakfast and a massage each day (each) Yay! A new hotel near our team. Double yay! It's not the ideal tourist spot however if you are there for biz it's great ...

This trip was all about trying new things and making new things while meeting some new friends along the way ...

How cute are these specimens? Smiling ...

Ok, so you can tell from the pic above some fun was had.

When you start manufacturing you learn so much. And I'm so excited by Stephanie joining us and bringing new skills with passion to our team. We are developing some styles that we believe, you will love. I hope when you wear them, you have as much fun as we had in creating them! Due in store later this year.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels to see our next blog. It is going to bring a tear to your eye. I promise you. 

Thank you for your continued support of our little business attempting to make a big difference. 


With a smile ... CJ & Team LFB xxx


PS: Are you coming Thursday night? Check out our events page for details 

Meet super Sue and her a family too ...

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On a sunny day in April, ring goes the old shop telephone and Songy Knox (Photographer) says: "I've met someone we have to help, are you in?" What do you say?!

This is a women who does not suffer fools, with an impressive corporate career behind her, Songy is now creating a biz following her passion and that edgy, direct communication style remains her trademark.

She rings, you listen!

"CJ, you have to meet Sue, she's bald too and is just beautiful, when I hugged her I just knew we had to spoil her!" said Songy with a sense of urgency and compassion.

So over a cup of detox tea at Chapels on Whatley, she filled me in and we brainstormed.

"Let's partner with Plunkett Homes (who were keen to give back too) and who built her new house", You see, when building her new home, Sue was scratched by her dog Tigger on one of her breasts. It was out of character for him to do this. 

The scratch wouldn't heal and remarkably it was found; CANCER. An aggressive form (yet caught early) ... Sue now feeds Tigger, caviar.

No lumps no bumps in the bust region ... No reason to be suspect. Tigger has earnt his place on the sofa!

Team Plunkett wanted in to spoil Sue after hearing her story and hoped to share the story to help more women. 

New outfits, check. Styling tips, check. House ready, check. Sue agreed (brave and check check) ...

While still undergoing treatment our new friend Sue is bubbly, upbeat and purely inspirational when visiting LFB with her Mum, Margaret and 12 year old daughter, Jaime.

3 generations, 3 different styles with Team LFB: 3 reasons: look, feel, be.

Look good is to feel great is to be ... (Happy and Healthy) the difference!

Le'V was on hand to style our guests, Stephanie entertained us with ideas, me ... well ... I just kept dancing around in what was a packed house this particular day in Autumn.

Then came shoot day ...

At the house, where neighbours gathered ... Sue's hubby, Michael shared that they almost didn't move in.

Wig no wig, ahhh ... lets shoot both.



Six months from the completion date, they had the tragic news of cancer confirmed. "Building a new house as many will know is stressful, it is amazing how your priorities immediately change and project driving a house build meant nothing after learning of Sues, cancer" he told me. "I just wanted to focus on Sue," he emotionally shared "and moving in was not exciting, it was a frightening time."

Songy and I met the fam after they had lived in the stunning house (that feels like a home) six months after moving in. It is filled with love and hope.

With the magical touch of the make up brushes, Ali (make up artist) adds some gloss and glow to our 3 strong ladies while 2 beautiful men, hubby Michael and son, Bailey ... wait. Oh and site manager, Paris (the little black pooch) goes about her business. Here goes ...

Fam shot (taken by my assistant, Sophia on the day) ...


Fam shot with some photo bomb assistants ...

TV reality show shot;


Would love a caption for the below shot ... comments please!


To see more of the pics captured on this touching day pop over to Songy's gallery.

Check Sue and the crew out in the Sunday Times today ... Hot off the press

A special thank you to my assistant on the day Sophia (who is Jaime's bestie) who captured some of these behind the scenes shots for me.

If you would like to make a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Centre who Sue speaks so highly of ... follow this link.

Thank you, Songy for including me and Team LFB.

Thank you Sue and fam for your new friendship and trust. We hope all of your hopes come true.


A very Happy Mothers Day to you, Sue and Margaret and to all of our LFB'ers out there. To the Mum's lost, you are never forgotten. 


With a smile and big wishes for a cure to cancer ... CJ & Team LFB x

The Greatest Shave ...

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Waking up on shave day was a hoot, it seems a long time ago ... yesterday! I kept getting little emails with a message like this one ... (so I kept upping the target) 

Having just got used to my new pink rockstar look,  I now had to embrace my Sinead O'Connor inner self as it was soon to make an outer appearance, was I nervous Vanessa asked? 

The truth is ... I wasnt nervous, I was just very aware. I was really present to the thought of having a choice and making a difference, rather than anything else. That was until about 60 minutes before the shave. Anxiety kicked in and the spray cans came out as the guests arrived to see me follow through on a commitment ... 

Loved turning kids into art (or maybe a smurf!):


To settle my nerves, long time friend Linda (who does happen to be in the hairdressing profession) turned the cans to my head ... "Let's freshen you up and shut you up for a mo!" ... 

A few antics in store (us girls aways love a dress up session) made for light entertainment as the crowd continued to grow and the coins clink away closer to 6pm:

Beep goes the App on my Iphone from the Worlds Greatest Shave to tell me, we have smashed the target again!


Then with 10 minutes to go, I seriously just wanted it done. So here goes ... 


Linda starts the shave and Jarryd from Tyst for Hair comes by to finish it:

It was wonderful to see through the sunset glare, beautiful faces looking back at me. The expressions were priceless and the peacefulness a unique experience. Such a loud bunch usually:

Hubby liked touching it ... 

So what was it like to shower (many have asked)? Beautiful. It was really an experience. Checking my emails in the morning, this one found its way into the inbox. Funny junk email (see 1st one) ... its timing impeccable ...

Putting on my make up was quite interesting. I thought of the women who when going through chemo lose not only their hair, they lose their eyebrows and lashes. I was relying on them today and a tear ran down my face thinking of what it would be like without them ...

It is still not too late to donate. THANK YOU sincerely to those who have or have shared the message in the hope their friends would give. We have until the end of May to contribute to this charity and cause. Did you know blood cancer kills more people than breast and skin cancers COMBINED? I did'nt until now ...

Again a special thank you to Songy Knox who so beautifully captured this moment ... check out all of the pictures at her website Songy Knox Photography 


With a smile and a BALD head ... if you want to come by for a feel it will cost you a gold coin donation (smiling) 


CJ & Team LFB xxx

With 2 sleeps to go ...

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It's Tuesday just before Wednesday and then, there is Thursday. I am a bit nervous. Can you tell? 

This Thursday 6pm. Worlds greatest shave takes over the ol CJ and as the pink goes, bald becomes the new black and we still have a few $$$ to raise ...

The last 7 days with pink hair have been amazing. Thank you again to Jarryd at Tryst for Hair

My dogs were not sure of the new look. My husband loves it. My Dad didn't say much. Friends just wanted to touch it. Strangers smiled.

It's better than having a dog on a leash or a baby in the pram as an icebreaker to meet new peeps.

At the beach yesterday two male hotties stopped and made note of the hair. My dear friends and I made a few notes ourselves (smiling!) ...


Have you been down to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition? You must. It's terrific. For our out of town, LFB'ers...here are some pics;


Loved the dog art installation … and felt this man needed to eat more ...

Would love to know what the women was thinking as she modelled for this ...

So as I contemplate what it is going to feel like being bald (as per exhibit above) ... I remain grateful this is a choice and that we are raising money to help others. Many others.

If you want to spray colour (temporary bright colours) your hair on Thursday evening from 5pm for a gold coin donation, we will be doing this out the front of the store. If you want to see me in my shiny shiny glory … then come on by at 6pm … 

To donate … go to Worlds Greatest Shave website (follow this link) 

If you can't join us on the night … Songy Knox will be on hand capturing the moments for the later … shine, show and tell 

With a smile …


CJ, Le'V & Mel - Team LFB xxx


PS: If you missed the going pink stage 1 story, scroll down for our last blog 

Step 1 in CJ's worlds greatest shave journey ...

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Saying you will do something and actually doing it, are two very different things

Waking up knowing you are going to radically change your hair as Step 1 in the journey towards baldness for a cause is quite an interesting sensation. In saying this ... just tonight, I was watching an ad for 60 minutes where an amazing women who has MS (and who is going off to Russia for treatment as we are too backward in our thinking here) shaved her hair all off so her children felt connected to the change that was about to happen and were not scared by her new look before she underwent massive amounts of chemo. Her response; "I feel stripped back to nothing" … Wow. 

So respecting the above and the MANY stories I have heard in recent months about people loosing their hair as a bi product of disease I share with you my journey to step 1. If you missed our last blog check it out to understand a little more of the background. Thank you must go to friends and family 'and' strangers too who gave to our mission to raise awareness and money, who picked the colour pink as our starting point.

The morning of the shave (which was yesterday as I type this) I didn't bother washing my hair … yet I did brush it with love and nerves at the prospect of giving it over to Jarryd. Jarryd is a man I have never met who like me simply wants to help others and do his bit for making a difference. Enter Tryst for Hair in Mt Hawthorn. In I go. 3.00pm … looking like this:

I see a cushion with this message on it … and a hot guy behind the counter (that must be the kind one, Jarryd!?). And there was Songy Knox waiting for me. 

Songy is a talented photographer who I met a year or so ago. She loves our little LFB and as a local is keen to support local. When she heard I had committed to shaving it 'all' off … she sweetly emailed me and offered to shoot the experience. What a blessing. The more awareness we can muster for our friends at the Leukaemia Foundation the better and pictures do, after all paint 1000 words. Keen to get started … here are my favoured pictures:


Reference shot. Check.

Hair shaved in less than 1 minute … Check, check. Mo anyone?

Loved this temporary look, only to be reminded … "Don't get comfy with it!" ...

Really, really itchy … as we bleach the living organisms out of it … before adding pink. If you know me, you will know I hate sitting still for long. AND itching. Two pet hates! This is why friend, Lauren and Worlds Greatest Shave guru was on hand to make sure I did not run away ... 



Nicole's hands were like magic on my scalp. Nothing beats a good apprentice!

A lot more cutting and lots more jam duty. What's jam duty? I hear you ask …  It is when pink dye wants to run down your face and into the blonde bits and Jarryd is at the ready with towel to mop up said looking raspberry jam (my nickname for it) before it ruins the art. This was quite a job to do. It is now 5pm or close to and my Husband rings. NOTE: Paul has no idea I am going for a radical cut or pink… "Honey, I am at the hairdressers … see you at home!" … 


Well, if you want to see the many more amazing photographs from the afternoon … please visit Songy's gallery online there was a lot of love in the room and some sad times too. We shared stories of why doing this was important to us. Remembering Jarryd and I were strangers up until yesterday. Jarryd told me of a stunning women, a client of his for years, who loved/loves her appearance (as we all should!!!) and who was fighting blood cancer. He shared how it made him feel washing her hair after the first bout of chemo and the tears they both shared when shaving it off … because she had no choice. That is why we are doing this for those who had fought, those fighting, those winning, those yet to know they will be impacted ...

So as strangers we come together to create a pink do and some dough too … 

Please help us continue on our mission to raise money and awareness for the Worlds Greatest Shave and donate a $1 or 2 

With a smile … and pink hair until the 13th of March 2014 (6pm) when it all comes off at a public shave out the front of Look Feel Be (come and join me)


Caroline & Team LFB xxx


PS: A very 'big' thank you to the kids at Maylands Basket Ball Club for the $$$ from the swears jar! ;) x

Christmas Cheer as we come near!

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Christmas is fast approaching and we wanted to wish you a very happy one before the festivities ran away with us.

What a year! I hope you will have time to reflect back and feel a sense of satisfaction while looking ahead with positive anticipation. It’s always a time of consideration, appreciation and degustation, both Vanessa and I feel.

Caroline and Vanessa

As we slow down enough to get present, we are grateful to you for your continued support of our little business that celebrates its 3rd Christmas and the friendships we have made, the lessons learnt and the fun had.

So with not a lot of time left here’s a few gift options for you to consider when going through your naughty and nice list …

These are our own products made right here in WA

LFB baby candle $20, LFB essential oil room spray $20, LFB perfume oil $49, LFB big candle $60, LFB Christmas cheer diffuser $69

Remember we use only the finest of essential oils and soy. No chemicals are used.

Why not a LFB Gift Certificate …


When you buy a gift certificate for $100 or more you will be gifted on the certificate a complimentary make up session with our resident make up artists (us) with a value of $69 as an extra bonus for your loved one to use anytime in the new year.

We use the beautiful Arbonne make up collection and give tips too.

In January & February we will be hosting a ‘refresh your look for the new year’ workshopsimage

Dates and topics;

Thursday 16 January is with an emphasis on taking an old piece from your wardrobe and refreshing it (recycling, up cycling, LFBliking)
6-8pm. $20 a ticket (incl light food & champagne)
(redeemable on a purchase in the same month)


Thursday 13 February is with an emphasis on Bodyshaping enhancement tips (with the clothes you choose) for size 14/16 plus 
6-8pm $20 a ticket (incl light food & champagne)
(redeemable on a purchase in the same month)


Thursday 27 February is with an emphasis on colour, make up & hair 
6-8pm $20 a ticket (incl light food & champagne)
(redeemable on a purchase in the same month)

Bookings essential to secure your seat.


Closed from 25 December through the New Year and will reopen on Saturday the 4th of January at 10am.

Our online store will remain active at www.lookfeelbe.com.au

Please note we will be closed on Sundays in January as experience tells us you are all at the beach or in air con with a book (smiling).

If you have a current layby, please collect it before 24 December so you can wear it for your holidays.

Hot news as we head into a heat wave: It appears the Christmas Stalk arrived early at Le’V’s house. We will have a baby (Le’Peanut) in the fashion house!

Due in May 14 and the great news for all of us, she will return to work in the Spring perhaps with one of those baby sling things from our friends at SoSi on her so we can all ga ga …

Look out for the ‘how to dress for maternity success’ workshop next year’ … Smiling!

Happy Christmas with big smiles - Caroline (CJ) and Vanessa (Le’V) xx oh and now Le’P x

PS: We have a very talented young lady from Perth College performing every Saturday from 11 on our piano in store, pop by for a festive listen

Turning 2 with a twirl!

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Two years ago on September 1 we opened the doors of little Look Feel Be Maylands as highlighted in a recent mailer out to loyal LFB'ers and to mark the occasion we went dancing! 

Joining forces with great neighbours Estudio Nuevo we hosted a night of fun, fashion and dancing ...


Guests arrived on the trademark LFB red carpet sporting their Look Feel Be best ... 


We all enjoyed fine wines from our friends at Sittella's Winery (delicious) which helped limber us up for the dance moves to follow...

Someone say Flamenco? With a variety of LFB'ers performing it was not only entertaining, it was inspiring ...

In between our dance workshop (which was not only a work out it was a crack up!) some of our LFB'ers put their hand up to show us their talent and we must say, they put us to shame (well some of us - wink wink) ... Check out Crystal doing her thing!


In between the dance floor moves, three of our finest LFB'ers debuted their modelling career in a... shall we say, 'fringe format - freestyle' way ... boasting new season garments, just in!


The LFB models did a fantastic job and were welcomed back for an encore! It was actually quite hard to get them off the Birthday stage. Pop in this weekend to see the pieces! They will be on line in next week or so (if they last that long!) 

With a few magical moves across the dance floor by guests spontaneously moving their hips (male and female) there was a terrific vibe in the room ...


And then with a surprise out came LFB'er Gemma with her partner wearing  a sizzling new season dress (hot!) ...


Thank you to all who came along and to the many beautiful LFB'ers who wrote to us to acknowledge our event that could not join us in this instance and the difference we have made to them. It means a lot to us. 

Let the music continue in store (wish we could fit Tim into our little LFB everyday) - we look forward to dancing with you soon and don't forget we have many offers in our Birthday month ...

With a smile and a big thank you ... CJ & Le'V along with Team LFB x 

PS: To see more pics from the party go to our facebook page!

A smile, skip and a design trip to develop LFB Spring/Summer 2013/14 (an overseas excursion!)

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With a leave note from our husbands and with Le’V holding HQ in fun, fashionable shape.….we were authorised to leave Perth city bound for weather fit Bali to start the production cycle of the ‘Look Feel Be’s’ Summer Collection; “aujourd'hui permet de voyager à thé”.

Over the past two years, I have been bringing together an extended team in Indonesia who are talented in the art of producing quality garments.

Fortunately my LFB Design Partner and all time crazy women Andy is on board to co-drive our design development (including pattern making and sampling) process with loving help from Le’V (our fit model among other business talents), myself (all round go to girl) and the off shore team headed up by Putu (production and quality control guru). Enough background.

Let’s fast forward to departing.  With two massive suitcases full of patterns, design notes and samples, not to mention the key fabric for the range, we check in.

This is the first time Andy has left her 5 year old son Connor and gone away.  She was military like in her prep regime with three days of his favourite meals carefully labelled in the fridge by day and all school uniforms ironed (including undies) stock piled ready to go in perfect condition.  With a list for hubby to follow she gets in the car with guilt and anticipation (leaving her man in charge) that all will be chaos and hunger!


It is on boarding the plane that Andy confesses she has a fear of flying.…


With the help of Cody who Andy adopts as her personal flight attendant confidence kicks in as does the fun…..

It seemed like the longest flight, however, it had been a full on two days prior, so both of us were a little tired.  Thank goodness we booked the ‘express service’ at the airport.  If you have not tried this service, consider it.  Flight Centre can organise it for you.  EFFICIENCY plus. We were whisked through the airport (no lines) to see our long time driver with a big smile.

Peeling off the layers, it is super warm as we drive to the hotel; Bliss.  No orange skin here (if you missed Vanessa’s disastrous fake tan experience check out the last blog) it’s all glowing white x 2! 

Thanks Estelle Johnston (no relation) at Flight Centre Maylands for organising such a ripper deal and to Mr Boss man at the hotel for the upgrade!


Day 1:  Up at 6am. Eat Indonesian breakfast.  When in Rome you must, both Andy and I believe. Prepare at length notes before going off to finalise some additional fabrics needed. This all sounds rather glam perhaps, however, it is intense. The fabrics must perfectly match back with others previously selected, meet a price and width guideline, and be of high quality, oh and available in the volume we need.

After a late fuel stop for lunch (Indonesian of course) we are ready to bounce into’ Indo LFB offices’ with refuelled energy to burn and strong iced coffees in hand for the team.


Laptop out, fingers start typing into the production schedule as we work through samples, patterns, samples, patterns, theories, yield return on fabrics to be used, patterns, samples.… 4 hours later we are just about complete on all fronts.  Phone rings and we all run out the door to dinner in different directions.

Andy and I selected a relaxed restaurant for dinner which turned into ground hog day. The common answer to all our questions….“I don’t know but I will find out.”


Escaping back to our room (thanks again Mr Boss man – have we said that already?) we stay up talking like school girls (sms back and forth with Le’V) for hours and hours brainstorming where to, how to, what to, who to and all the while loving the work of team, go to.

Day 2: Up at 8am. Production schedule emailed to ‘Indo LFB HQ’.  Eat Indonesian breakfast.  Tears appear thanks to extra chilli sauce we have both fallen for.  Andy decides we will have the morning off.  Well she has the morning off as I semi-work on laptop, poolside (love wi-fi – roof top style) while watching the reaction of others as she struts a new ‘flown in especially, Victoria Secret Sponge Bikini ‘.


Bored (and a little too red – overcast does not mean safe to baste)…. we decide to go adventuring and make our way to Seminyak.  Both of us don’t mind a walk so we hit the pavement…me in my new shoes (some of you may recognise this style).  I ‘now’ have them  in every colour available. White was the last colour needed to complete the set!


Talking of colour … we decide it’s time for me to pop a copper coat on my hair and that’s where Bill (a dear friend of many of my dear friends) enters with Wella in hand.  All while Le’V has a hair update too (connected!) unbeknown to us.… a fringe is now in the Maylands house.


LFB’ers, do stop by and visit his team when in Bali. This hottie was the smile behind Head Office for Hair in Perth many a year ago. Check it out on FB.

With new locks, Andy’s feet having experienced some reflexology and an off cut of Aloe Vera from the salons stash, we walk into ‘won’t ever let you down,’ Ultimo Restaurant  for an early, inexpensive dinner. While this might all look glamourous; Andy and I have worked 7 days a week for weeks preparing for this trip and take a mo to acknowledge to do list; check check ...


Last day: Check in with Le’V, Le’Indo, Husbands and Connor (in no particular order).  Eat.  Indonesian breakfast.  Meet fab Japanese guest who shows us that being different brings us together.


We do some more work while enjoying some warmth.  Monitor our irresponsible sunburn.  Hear from ‘Perth Now’ via twitter that weather warnings are in place for Perth on the way to airport.  I look at Andy, she looks at me. We call out to LFB’ers via FB for up to date weather reporting when Virgin Crew we flew up with walk by and give us their word to help scared, crazy women Andy (by chance they remembered us – go figure) get home safely.


Timing as they say is everything!  It’s a true team effort this LFB community show;  we thank you, LFB’ers for continuing to be an important part of our crew.

We do hope you will love the LFB summer collection when released in November.

Oh and here are some, 'take on a trip,' must haves we suggest ...

 Scarf $49, Bag $99. Shoes $70. Primer $50. Tinted moisturiser $55. All available at Look Feel Be x

(Scarf $49. Bag $99. Ballet pumps $70. Primer $50. Tinted Moisturiser $55)


With a smile … CJ x


PS: Thank you Connor for being a good boy while Mummy was away! x


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