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The start of a fresh year always brings back memories of hot summers, plenty of ice cream, covering school books (gotta love contact), staying up late surrounded by an air filled with promise of new adventures near.

What do you remember about this time of year as a kid? 

We hope you have started your year relaxed and had time to reunite with fam & friends.

The year of 2014 (Year of the Horse according to Google) And hopefully that means we’ll gallop into January (its already the 11th) with a healthy list of promises (resolutions) of what will be - no pressure of course. How many of you do this, we wonder? 

The term failing to plan is a plan to fail is vaguely playing in our ears however so is the ‘living in the present’ theory. Most will have an opinion on what’s the best method to start the year so while bringing up the topic, we are more interested in wishing you love, health and happiness.


This year I, (CJ) hope to share more quality time with hubby, Paul (thus now having Sundays off), looking after my health by revisiting Pilates & traveling (watch that space as LFB’ers, you will get to ‘somewhat’ come along). Sharing time with friends I have not seen since opening LFB with any quality. Oh and of course happiness for me comes when we keep stretching our little LFB with new initiatives to keep you (and us) entertained.

Le’V is hoping to give birth to a beautiful baby in May (she twitches) whilst trying to share her time with her man and fur baby ChloeDancer (post baby late night feeds), maintain her LFB influence (yay), continue to have excellent energy.

This year we will be hosting many workshops to connect with the ‘look good’ aspects of LFB, the ‘feel great’ attributes and the ‘be the difference’ initiatives. You can get your tickets online to our January workshop (which is this coming week). 

If you have any workshop topics you would like us to consider, do yell! 

Product wise there are new designs coming in fashion (from across the globe that will be, as always limited in numbers & different), jewellery (from very fine pieces to bold deco inspired fashion items), A shoe … Wait until you feel the AW14 Wedge Boot.


Just saying “you will want!” … Note: we will continue to only do a statement shoe each season not a collection and many other interesting & quirky finds from our travels. 

The LFB offering will continue to evolve as we all grow.

We wish to turn the volume up on our online store to care for like minded women further afield and who knows, realistically the year ahead is written in the stars. Let them shine brightly on us all … 

Happy New Year (albeit it is already the 11th)! 

With a smileCJ & Le’V - Team LFB xx

PS: Here’s a fashion tip for the first month of the year …

Written by Caroline Johnston — January 11, 2014

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