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I (CJ) watched the movie the bucket list recently (Jack Nicholson & Morgan Friedman) while staying in Sydney with family.

We went back to visit Paul's rather large family & in particular his Daddy, Don (and the don of the family he is) who has late stages Parkinson's disease.

Recently I have been quite unwell (all good now!) with a few challenges myself which has led me to questioning life and everything in between. Not life and its meaning or my place in it, rather the choices you make everyday - the good and not so that simply occurs. 

Couple this with my new year resolutions I committed to (see prior blog) the start of the 2014 has proven to be quite thought-provoking to say the least!


Enter the movie 'The Bucket List' ...


Two elderly men  from very different walks of life are thrown together in the same circumstances, struck down by illness and what follows is a journey of self-realisation, self-discovery and what is truly important in life. My recent health scare had me relating to an extent;

Seeing day to day things with consciousness, doing favourite things, meeting new people, reconnecting with themselves & others, observing the great wonders of the world, stretching their comfort zones. It all resonates.


And while I sit at a park bench (yep, this one pictured - don't mention the bird poo) waiting to be picked up by my hubby & his Mum who have gone to collect Don from his aged care home close by (we are going on an excursion to his favourite garden cafe) I ponder the possibility of just being present to every small miracle,  and as one of my favourite's Drew Barrymore (the chick keeps it real) said in her book," to see the heart in everything..."


This March because I can, I am shaving my head for a cause.  It's a bucket list thing I have wanted to do for sometime after my long time family friend, Annie ... lost her brother, to give back.


Everyday we meet people including young children at LFB impacted by disease and that look of helplessness, fear or sadness in their eyes is what is fuelling our desire to raise positive dollars for this charity. 


Angela, a gorgeous LFB'er said to me recently "it is liberating being bald, bald is beautiful!" 


We will be shaving my head on the red carpet out the front of Look Feel Be, for all to see on March 13 at 6pm ... 

If you would like to come along, please do or participate ... we'd love that too. You can have your hair coloured, you can have it partially shaved or go bald. It's up to you. If you would like to join the LFB shave team, click here 


Please donate ... 


Stand by ... for lots of pictures and no doubt some tears on our social media pages such as facebook and instagram 


With a smile - CJ & Le’V - Team LFB xx

OH and a big smoochy welcome to Mel Mars who has joined us x

Written by Caroline Johnston — February 19, 2014

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