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Saying you will do something and actually doing it, are two very different things

Waking up knowing you are going to radically change your hair as Step 1 in the journey towards baldness for a cause is quite an interesting sensation. In saying this ... just tonight, I was watching an ad for 60 minutes where an amazing women who has MS (and who is going off to Russia for treatment as we are too backward in our thinking here) shaved her hair all off so her children felt connected to the change that was about to happen and were not scared by her new look before she underwent massive amounts of chemo. Her response; "I feel stripped back to nothing" … Wow. 

So respecting the above and the MANY stories I have heard in recent months about people loosing their hair as a bi product of disease I share with you my journey to step 1. If you missed our last blog check it out to understand a little more of the background. Thank you must go to friends and family 'and' strangers too who gave to our mission to raise awareness and money, who picked the colour pink as our starting point.

The morning of the shave (which was yesterday as I type this) I didn't bother washing my hair … yet I did brush it with love and nerves at the prospect of giving it over to Jarryd. Jarryd is a man I have never met who like me simply wants to help others and do his bit for making a difference. Enter Tryst for Hair in Mt Hawthorn. In I go. 3.00pm … looking like this:

I see a cushion with this message on it … and a hot guy behind the counter (that must be the kind one, Jarryd!?). And there was Songy Knox waiting for me. 

Songy is a talented photographer who I met a year or so ago. She loves our little LFB and as a local is keen to support local. When she heard I had committed to shaving it 'all' off … she sweetly emailed me and offered to shoot the experience. What a blessing. The more awareness we can muster for our friends at the Leukaemia Foundation the better and pictures do, after all paint 1000 words. Keen to get started … here are my favoured pictures:


Reference shot. Check.

Hair shaved in less than 1 minute … Check, check. Mo anyone?

Loved this temporary look, only to be reminded … "Don't get comfy with it!" ...

Really, really itchy … as we bleach the living organisms out of it … before adding pink. If you know me, you will know I hate sitting still for long. AND itching. Two pet hates! This is why friend, Lauren and Worlds Greatest Shave guru was on hand to make sure I did not run away ... 



Nicole's hands were like magic on my scalp. Nothing beats a good apprentice!

A lot more cutting and lots more jam duty. What's jam duty? I hear you ask …  It is when pink dye wants to run down your face and into the blonde bits and Jarryd is at the ready with towel to mop up said looking raspberry jam (my nickname for it) before it ruins the art. This was quite a job to do. It is now 5pm or close to and my Husband rings. NOTE: Paul has no idea I am going for a radical cut or pink… "Honey, I am at the hairdressers … see you at home!" … 


Well, if you want to see the many more amazing photographs from the afternoon … please visit Songy's gallery online there was a lot of love in the room and some sad times too. We shared stories of why doing this was important to us. Remembering Jarryd and I were strangers up until yesterday. Jarryd told me of a stunning women, a client of his for years, who loved/loves her appearance (as we all should!!!) and who was fighting blood cancer. He shared how it made him feel washing her hair after the first bout of chemo and the tears they both shared when shaving it off … because she had no choice. That is why we are doing this for those who had fought, those fighting, those winning, those yet to know they will be impacted ...

So as strangers we come together to create a pink do and some dough too … 

Please help us continue on our mission to raise money and awareness for the Worlds Greatest Shave and donate a $1 or 2 

With a smile … and pink hair until the 13th of March 2014 (6pm) when it all comes off at a public shave out the front of Look Feel Be (come and join me)


Caroline & Team LFB xxx


PS: A very 'big' thank you to the kids at Maylands Basket Ball Club for the $$$ from the swears jar! ;) x

Written by Caroline Johnston — March 05, 2014

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