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It's Tuesday just before Wednesday and then, there is Thursday. I am a bit nervous. Can you tell? 

This Thursday 6pm. Worlds greatest shave takes over the ol CJ and as the pink goes, bald becomes the new black and we still have a few $$$ to raise ...

The last 7 days with pink hair have been amazing. Thank you again to Jarryd at Tryst for Hair

My dogs were not sure of the new look. My husband loves it. My Dad didn't say much. Friends just wanted to touch it. Strangers smiled.

It's better than having a dog on a leash or a baby in the pram as an icebreaker to meet new peeps.

At the beach yesterday two male hotties stopped and made note of the hair. My dear friends and I made a few notes ourselves (smiling!) ...


Have you been down to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition? You must. It's terrific. For our out of town, LFB'ers...here are some pics;


Loved the dog art installation … and felt this man needed to eat more ...

Would love to know what the women was thinking as she modelled for this ...

So as I contemplate what it is going to feel like being bald (as per exhibit above) ... I remain grateful this is a choice and that we are raising money to help others. Many others.

If you want to spray colour (temporary bright colours) your hair on Thursday evening from 5pm for a gold coin donation, we will be doing this out the front of the store. If you want to see me in my shiny shiny glory … then come on by at 6pm … 

To donate … go to Worlds Greatest Shave website (follow this link) 

If you can't join us on the night … Songy Knox will be on hand capturing the moments for the later … shine, show and tell 

With a smile …


CJ, Le'V & Mel - Team LFB xxx


PS: If you missed the going pink stage 1 story, scroll down for our last blog 

Written by Caroline Johnston — March 11, 2014

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