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Waking up on shave day was a hoot, it seems a long time ago ... yesterday! I kept getting little emails with a message like this one ... (so I kept upping the target) 

Having just got used to my new pink rockstar look,  I now had to embrace my Sinead O'Connor inner self as it was soon to make an outer appearance, was I nervous Vanessa asked? 

The truth is ... I wasnt nervous, I was just very aware. I was really present to the thought of having a choice and making a difference, rather than anything else. That was until about 60 minutes before the shave. Anxiety kicked in and the spray cans came out as the guests arrived to see me follow through on a commitment ... 

Loved turning kids into art (or maybe a smurf!):


To settle my nerves, long time friend Linda (who does happen to be in the hairdressing profession) turned the cans to my head ... "Let's freshen you up and shut you up for a mo!" ... 

A few antics in store (us girls aways love a dress up session) made for light entertainment as the crowd continued to grow and the coins clink away closer to 6pm:

Beep goes the App on my Iphone from the Worlds Greatest Shave to tell me, we have smashed the target again!


Then with 10 minutes to go, I seriously just wanted it done. So here goes ... 


Linda starts the shave and Jarryd from Tyst for Hair comes by to finish it:

It was wonderful to see through the sunset glare, beautiful faces looking back at me. The expressions were priceless and the peacefulness a unique experience. Such a loud bunch usually:

Hubby liked touching it ... 

So what was it like to shower (many have asked)? Beautiful. It was really an experience. Checking my emails in the morning, this one found its way into the inbox. Funny junk email (see 1st one) ... its timing impeccable ...

Putting on my make up was quite interesting. I thought of the women who when going through chemo lose not only their hair, they lose their eyebrows and lashes. I was relying on them today and a tear ran down my face thinking of what it would be like without them ...

It is still not too late to donate. THANK YOU sincerely to those who have or have shared the message in the hope their friends would give. We have until the end of May to contribute to this charity and cause. Did you know blood cancer kills more people than breast and skin cancers COMBINED? I did'nt until now ...

Again a special thank you to Songy Knox who so beautifully captured this moment ... check out all of the pictures at her website Songy Knox Photography 


With a smile and a BALD head ... if you want to come by for a feel it will cost you a gold coin donation (smiling) 


CJ & Team LFB xxx

Written by Caroline Johnston — March 14, 2014

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