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Almost 2 years to the day an email landed in my inbox and that's where it started:

A relationship with a lady I have come to admire and together build a business with.

Some might not call her a lady (smiling) many would definitely call her a cheeky women with a very naughty and super nice streak.

It's amazing over a period of time what you learn about someone and in turn yourself. How you grow and naturally change. Le'V as we affectionally call her, in recent months has grown a baby in her belly.

A baby girl. There is much excitement as we are in the business of girls' wellbeing, albeit grown up ones.

If you remember back to this shoot ...

Le'V only days before this shoot had discovered the stalk had been (now there's a story) and with a surprise she was with child (in the very early stages). So, while this may have looked like cocktails ... It was in fact, mocktail!

When you are in business, the people around you are so important. In fact, scratch that. In life the people you select to have around you are imperative to your own positivity, growth, appreciation of all things, success, ups and gowns, I mean downs.


While this week ahead marks a new chapter in our lives and business, as Le'V takes a short break to prepare for the birth, little LFB welcomes some big personalities and talent to our team.

Introducing; Stephanie. Steph is originally from NZ and has successfully completed fashion internships with some of our most admired high street brands from across the globe both in NZ, USA and Australia before making Perth her home. 


Steph has a lot to offer and Le'V and I are super pumped to have her contributing to the further expansion of brand LFB in a full time capacity AND she loves chatting as much as we do however her accent is so much more travelled than ours.

As someone who loves to create a community in all that I do ... Here's our latest family portrait! Can't wait for the one when we have our youngest baby team member in it (hurry up, bambino).

Who's our 4th member? That would be Mel Mars. Her name needs to be in lights. So movie star. Melissa is a Mum to 3 lads, wifeeee to cutie, Tim (he will like that) and after having worked in a fab friend of mines biz, this longtime friend is now hanging with Team LFB.

Mel, loves fashion and can often be spotted with at least 2 wardrobe changes a day when in house. Experimenting she tells us.

So not counting our behind the scenes crew who prefer to remain behind the scenes ... together we love what we do and hope you will join us in a cheer or two for our dear Le'V, a new baby it will be.

This is probably a good time to make a ... Recruitment notice: an opportunity exists for LFB'ers to join the holding the baby task on a visiting basis. Positive vibes essential. If you can sing a lullaby that will be advantageous as will the ability to change nappies with grace and no mess (I can't cope with mess) then applications should start applying in person in approximately 6 - 8 weeks!

Le'V will be returning to work and like all of our LFB'er Mums she knows it takes a community to raise a baby and while I am scared stiff at holding such a small treat, I am super proud of my partner in our passion for fashion biz and can't wait to sing to Le'Baby in French.


Vanessa merci d'être comme une famille pour moi et pour faire tous les jours une surprise et de joie pour nos 2 ans ensemble et le nombre à venir xxx.

Pop by this week to check out the bump ...

And as Easter is fast approaching our trading hours are;

Good Friday        - Closed

Easter Saturday  - Open

Easter Sunday    - Closed

Easter Monday   - Closed

Anzac Day          - Open (oh FYI, Mrs S is opening on this public holiday toooo)


See you soon to play up!

With a smile ... Caroline & Team LFB xxxx

PS: Good luck to Le'V's partner ... Rob x

PPS: Hurry back from maternity leave!

Written by Caroline Johnston — April 13, 2014

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